ARMA 2 Patch 1.03 Released

Now on FileShack is patch 1.03 for Bohemia Interactive's battlefield simulator ARMA II, improving the AI and bringing many fixes to campaign, multiplayer and co-op play.

Highlights include toning down the AI's cat-like hearing, autosave logic which avoids saving at unsafe times, crash and stutter fixes, and improved building destruction.


While the patch is only 135MB, Bohemia says Steam installations will face a 4.3GB download due to an issue with Steam's patcher. The changelog follows:


  • New: Functions getPosATL and setPosATL to allow controlling position relative to terrain.
  • New: command line option -showScriptErrors introduced to show errors in scripts on-screen
  • New: Direct analogue throttle and brake for airplanes now available.
  • New: More flexible configuration of Flares in the config (brightness, size)
  • New: Mission name (with
  • indicated unsaved work) displayed in the mission editor
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts in the mission editor
  • Improved: better handling of gravitation for shots (esp. for grenades)
  • Improved: Building destruction
  • Improved: Better airplane HUD visibility both night and day
  • Optimization: Reduced frame stutter near map borders.
  • Hotfix: Players are forced to reconnect after MP Load on server.
  • Fixed: no particles effect when hit object with destructNo
  • Fixed: grenade could destroy a building just by impact
  • Fixed: grenades may explode only on the final impact
  • Fixed: when a grenade bounces on a ship deck, the proper particle effects is shown now
  • Fixed: missiles should pass through vegetation
  • Fixed: Player connected to loaded game was sometimes frozen.
  • Fixed: Game crashed when launched on a system with more then 8 CPUs/cores.
  • Fixed: Possible crash with laser designator active.
  • Fixed: Sometimes crew of a close vehicle was visible through the vehicle.
  • Fixed: Infinite looping of commands 'Stop' in radio.
  • Fixed: Leaning 'limits' do not work in TrackIR.
  • Fixed: Clients were often endlessly stuck in 'Receiving...' window after MP Load.
  • Fixed: Rainbow could be visible even with sun below horizon.
  • Fixed: 3D Editor - civilian and resistance units did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Sea surface was not rendered in NE area out of map.
  • Fixed: Terrain surface was sometimes using wrong parallax map.
  • Fixed: Grenade could sometimes destroy a building just by impact
  • Fixed: Radio messages sometimes echoed
  • Fixed: Team switch did not work when player died
  • Fixed: Reduced AI detecting slowly moving enemy vehicles by ear.
  • Fixed: Prevent killed AI units reporting who killed them.
  • Fixed: After respawn in MP, player's tasks, diary content and skills are transferred to the new entity
  • Fixed: Leaning 'limits' did not work with TrackIR
  • Fixed: MP client frozen in Receiving... screen sometimes
  • Fixed: Problems with saving and loading games in cooperative campaign
  • Fixes and improvements in most of the campaign missions (Into the Storm, Harvest Red, Bitter Chill, Manhattan, Badlands, Dogs of War)
  • Improved: autosave logic to not save when it was not safe
  • Improved: Eye for an Eye in Scenarios
  • Fixed: Warfare fast travel on clients was not using logistic values
  • Fixed: Warfare money sending
  • Fixed: Warfare HQ multiple reports
  • Fixed: First-Aid: Action module caused healing scripts to run twice
  • Fixed: Supply drop not ending (wrong vehicle class)
  • New: First-Aid modules work with respawn
  • New: First-Aid ability to stop healing
  • New: Added ability to add Support Requests that do not expire.
  • Improved: First-Aid modules more robust and faster
  • Improved: Better support for side Resistance in SOM / ACM.
  • Fixed: Invisible driver in UAZ (MG and GL)
  • Fixed: AI soldiers were able to hear extremely well
  • Fixed: various minor problems on buildings
  • Fixed: rocks destruction effect changed
  • Fixed: penetrability of some vegetation
  • Fixed: collision geometry of A_BuildingWIP
  • Fixed: react FSM core conversations
  • Fixed: cargo animations in LAV25
  • Fixed: indicators in Ka52 when using NVG
  • Fixed: cargo animations in BTR
  • Fixed: Warfare keypoint on Chernarus