No More Fallout 3 DLC Planned After 'Zeta'

Developer Bethesda has confirmed that Mothership Zeta, the fifth downloadable expansion for its action-RPG Fallout 3, "is the last DLC we have planned."

Following a report from MTV Multiplayer, which noticed that Bethesda had referred to the add-on as the game's "final DLC," the studio told Joystiq that there are no plans for additional content, though it also cautioned that one should "never say 'never.'" nope

Released on PC and Xbox 360 today, Mothership Zeta is now available for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The five downloadable add-ons are also headed to PlayStation 3, with the first batch due around September. Meanwhile, an enhanced "Game of the Year" edition of Fallout 3 hits retailers in October, bundling all of the DLC with the game itself.