Retailers Get WET September 15, Courtesy A2M; Live-Action Trailer Amazes

BOOM widget 81225Publisher Bethesda today announced that WET, the latest game to emerge from seemingly innuendo-laden independent developer A2M (Artificial Mind and Movement), will hit North American store shelves September 15.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action game stars the gun-toting, sword-wielding and extremely acrobatic Rubi as she slices, shoots and slides her way towards revenge. Along the way, she'll chug countless bottles of whiskey (then toss the empty bottle and shatter it with a bullet) to regain health, or, as the game puts it, "numb the pain."

In celebration of the date, a live-action video entitled "Shot at Love" was released, in which Rubi's dying victims declare their eternal love for the heroine who, according to what A2M designer Avi Winkler told us at E3, "is not a sex symbol." BOOM video 2329

"We never really focused on sexiness being a push for the character," Winkler explained at the time. The game's title is meant to be a reference to wetwork, you see.

For a better glimpse at the game itself, check this old trailer. BOOM video 2055

And if you're still with us, here's another live-action video. The so-called "viral" spots cropped up as part of the "Share to Win" contest running over at the game's official site, though the whole "sharing" thing was having problems as of this writing. BOOM video 2328