Deus Ex Veteran's 'Epic Mickey' Coming to Wii, Amazing Artwork Includes Zombie Goofy

Warren Spector's rumored Disney-meets-steampunk project "Epic Mickey" is rumor no more, as confirmation and art have emerged by way of online resumes and portfolios. nope

Coming from the Disney-owned Junction Point Studios, Epic Mickey is being developed for the Wii, going by the resume of current Junction artist Tony Pulham. The resume has since been updated to remove the reference, with "undisclosed title" replacing Pulham's previous mention of "Epic Mickey (Wii Video Game)."

Little else is known of the project--rumors suggest it's a platformer--with Spector having previously cautioned that upon its revelation, fans would vilify the Deus Ex and System Shock veteran, accuse him of selling out, and act "like the world came to an end."

One of the "beetleworx" and a seemingly important castle.

Meanwhile, former Junction Point artist Fred Gambino has posted several pieces of concept art labeled "Epic Mickey," with online postings from fellow ex-Junction artist Gary Glover sharing themes, locations, and even names. Furthermore, Glover's work matches descriptions of the Epic Mickey artwork glimpsed by Gamasutra last year.

Credit to superannuation for discovering Pullham's Wii-confirming resume and pointing out Gambino's work, with Glover's art making the rounds via NeoGAF.