Evening Reading

by Nick Breckon, Jul 28, 2009 6:00pm PDT

Played a round of Defcon during lunch today. Completely forgot how satisfying that game can be in small doses.


  • Splinter Cell.

    Me and a select group of friends are massive fans of Pandora Tomorrow (PC) Multiplayer. Its been a little gem for a while now that we bust out and play and have immense fun. (I'm talking of course about the Spy vs Mercenaries). Recently we were playing it and we sorta realised its quite buggy and that is holding it back quite alot.

    I then found out that Chaos Theory and Double Agent have the same game mode which some how i didn't realise. And i was wondering if anybody was a fan of this game mode and had tried them all. From what i say in reviews, Chaos Theory is very similar to Pandora Tomorrow but Double Agent has changed quite a bit (they say for the worst).

    Is Double Agent better than the previous ones, and if not is Chaos Theory better than Pandora tomorrow and does it fix alot of the bugs?

    Which is the definitive version?!?