Evening Reading

By Nick Breckon, Jul 27, 2009 6:00pm PDT If you still haven't read Ellie Gibson's interview with Mark Rein over at Eurogamer, you're missing out. It's five pages of solid gold.


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  • Need you guys to keep your fingers crossed for me. Probably cross our dicks too

    My sis is an English teacher at a high school in NC. The school started piloting a piece of software that may go district wide. She was talking to a higher up from the company earlier this year and told her about me and my experience in ed tech. The lady gave my sis her card and said for me to get in contact with her when I am close to graduating.

    Last week, I checked out the company's career page. It said that I needed a teaching certificate in order to work there. I don't have one, but I emailed the lady. She got back to me over the weekend and passed my name around. I got an email earlier this afternoon from another VP in the company asking me to send in my resume because she wants to talk about employment.

    There is a chance that I could have a job before I graduate in August. To top it all off, if I get the job, I could be joining the Shack horde in Dallas. I'm trying not to get too overly crazy here, but I'm stoked at the moment.

    I'm going to reply in the morning. Should I write a separate cover letter or just doing that in the email?