Metalocalypse Coming to Consoles This Fall

BOOM widget 58353It looks as if Brutal Legend may no longer win "most metal game of 2009" by default, as publisher Konami has announced that a downloadable game inspired by the antics of Metalocalypse's fictional metal band Dethklok is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Titled Metalocalypse: Dethgame, the downloadable Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release is due out this fall and will see players control roadie Klokateer as he is "unleashed on a heinous rampage against rabid mutant fans in brutal combat."

Frozen Codebase (Screwjumper, Zombie Wranglers) is developing the title, with show co-creator Brandon Small aiding in the production. "An optimal gaming experience rarely seen in a downloadable game" is promised, along with mini-games and various Dethklok tracks, including three new ones from the band's upcoming second album.

"We have gone above and beyond and found the biggest nerds in the industry to help develop and deliver what will without a doubt be the most successful downloadable cartoon death metal game in recorded history," Small declared. "I defy anyone to find another death metal cartoon that can claim the same."

Added Small: "I think the most important thing to remember beyond the record-setting CD sales, and astounding ratings and growing rabid fans around the world, is that this game is going to be a blast to play. I am very excited to be a part of making video games metal."