Weekend Deals: GoGamer Madness, Cake Mania

By Nick Breckon, Jul 17, 2009 1:15pm PDT Hey, another weekend full of slashed prices on gaming favorites. It's a piece of cake to find a pretty deal in all this madness:

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  • I picked up Fuel for the PC from GoGamer...and discovered that Rise of Flight is actually the new name for the new Knights of the Sky game I was following a few years back...so I ordered that ASAP and I'm all happy about that now. I also ordered a razor copperhead mouse to try out and see if I like it enough to switch from my logitech MX300 (doubtful...but I'll give it a try)...and a new mousepad...and a couple other things.

    I really like GoGamer...they're a good way to get more niche PC games (Eastern European stuff especially) as well as UK stuff that may not likely come out over here.