MTV Launching 'Rock Band Network,' Allows Anyone to Create and Upload Playable Tracks

By Nick Breckon, Jul 17, 2009 10:12am PDT Harmonix today announced a new system called the Rock Band Network that will allow both publishing labels and mere Rock Band players to create their own Rock Band tracks.

"We've figured out how to make it so anybody who owns and controls masters and publishing can put music into ["Rock Band"] at their own pace," said MTV Games senior VP Paul DeGooyer to Billboard. Potential creators will need to be a member of Microsoft's XNA Creators Club Online, which carries a yearly subscription cost of $100. The system will allow those members to create Rock Band tracks, upload them for peer review, and then add them to a download store separate from the official Rock Band store. Creators will receive a 30% cut of any resultant sales.

While the system was initially designed with independent artists in mind, Harmonix now believes it will also benefit larger labels as well. Harmonix is currently capable of producing only 10 new Rock Band songs per week, but the company estimates the new system could see the amount of new music jump significantly.

"Once we flip on the infrastructure, we can go from a few dozen people capable of doing this work to hundreds of people or more," said Harmonix founder Alex Rigopulos. "We can ramp up by a factor of 10 or more the rate of production of content."

The Network is set to launch later this year, but the creation tools will be available sometime in August. Check out the preview site for more information on how it works.

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  • Seems activision feeding their audience threw other measures.. I never played rockband, guitar hero, singstar.. Out of the fact that these, hit button on button bright flashy color cue.. things...


    but yet everyone likes them...

    see a game has strategy.. plot and dynamic structure..

    Those guitar hero rock band.. are.. hit a button when you see the bright flashy button pop up..
    no skill.. just a matter of how fast you can hit that red button and thread flip at the same time..

    You all want a real challenge.. pat your head while hopping on one foot and rubbing your stomache..
    same concept!

    thats the only thing you all are doing.. and also paying 50 bucks a pop to do that..