Play the PAX 10 Showcase of Indie Games

The organizers of the Penny Arcade Expo today named the PAX 10, a collection of independent games to be showcased at the upcoming event.

Chosen from 150 candidates, the final selection represents a diverse group of titles, ranging from the excellent iPhone tower defense Fieldrunners, to the minimalist, physics-based Osmos. nope Of course, the best part of any indie games showcase is that many of the titles have already been released, with several available free of charge.

Click through for descriptions, images and links to each game's site:

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CarneyVale: Showtime
  • Developed by: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Games Lab
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Website: gambit.mit.edu/loadgame/showtime.php
  • Description: CarneyVale: Showtime is a vertical ragdoll platform game for Xbox LIVE Community Games. In the game, you play as Slinky, a circus acrobat trying to rise up the ranks by performing acrobatic tricks and death-defying stunts through increasingly complex arenas. You can manipulate a wide variety of props to get Slinky through the challenges he faces. Catch and fling Slinky toward ever-greater heights using trapeze-like grabbers. Dash through the air in spectacular displays of agility and much, much more
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  • Developed by: Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Puzzle Platformer
  • Website: www.closuregame.com
  • Description: A dark and atmospheric puzzle platformer where light describes reality.
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  • Developed by: Subatomic Studios
  • Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Genre: Tower Defense
  • Website: fieldrunners.com
  • Description: Descend into the world of Fieldrunners, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history! Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants! Hours of entertainment and replayable challenges! Enjoy a growing experience through content updates! Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense master?
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  • Developed by: Studio Walljump
  • Platform: Wii
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Website: www.studiowalljump.com
  • Description: Liight is a puzzle solving game where you blend colored lights and shadows to solve puzzles and make music that changes every time you play. Solve over 100 puzzles, then Create your own brain teasers and Share them with your friends! Think you've got it under control? See how you perform under pressure in Nonstop mode by solving an endless barrage of random puzzles in a battle for the highest score!
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  • Developed by: Amanita Design
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Adventure Puzzle
  • Website: www.machinarium.com
  • Description: Machinarium is an independent puzzle / adventure game developed by the makers of popular web-games Samorost and Samorost2. A little robot who's been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his robot-girl friend. The game takes place in a strange rusty metallic city populated only by robots. The story is about a little robot who has been unjustly thrown out to the scrapyard behind the city. In the game he returns to the town where he meets the bad guys from Black Cap Brotherhood - they are just preparing a bomb attack on the central tower where the town ruler has residence in. Of course our hero must stop them and also rescue his friend robot-girl.
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  • Developed by: Hemisphere Games
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Ambient Physics
  • Website: www.hemispheregames.com/osmos/
  • Description: Enter the ambient world of Osmos: elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack. Your objective is to grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Relax; good things come to those who wait. Progress from serenely ambient levels into varied and more challenging worlds. Confront attractors, repulsors and intelligent motes with similar abilities and goals as you.
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Puzzle Bloom
  • Developed by: Team Shotgun
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Action Puzzle
  • Website: puzzlebloom.com
  • Description: Puzzle Bloom is the innovative action-puzzle game where you control the tree spirit Canotila in her quest to bring back life to her island. Canotila needs the assistance of the island's native creatures to get past the rigid machines of the world. She flies from creature to creature and uses her powers to guide them. New life will bloom into the world for each time Canotila breaks a machine, bringing Canotila closer to her ultimate goal of a return to nature.
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Tag: The Power of Paint
  • Developed by: Tag Team
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: First Person Platformer
  • Website: www.digipen.edu/studentprojects/tag/
  • Description: Tag: The Power of Paint, is a first-person platformer created by seven R.T.I.S. and B.F.A. students at DigiPen. Tag delivers an innovative approach to multiple genres - platformer, puzzle, and first-person shooter, by allowing the player to manipulate the physical attributes of the game's environment using different colors of paint.
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  • Developed by: TrinoTeam
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Genre: Puzzle Shooter
  • Website: www.trinoteam.com
  • Description: TRINO, an evolving alien, must escape the NANITES, an insidious nano-robot swarm, that have imprisoned trino for his powers! Use TRINO's powerful TRIANGLE TRAP to defeat the Nanites and break free from their Laser Prison! Evade, outsmart and destroy over 10 types of deadly enemies! Evolve for more power! Over 40 challenging levels! Live scoreboard! Save trino!
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What is Bothering Carl?
  • Developed by: Story Fort
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Interactive Children's Book
  • Website: www.storyfort.com
  • Description: What is Bothering Carl? is an interactive book for children ages 3-6. It is the tale of a young cyclops whose laid back attitude is disrupted by a single nuisance. Readers discover Carl's dilemma and follow along as he tries to solve his problem in this colorful adventure. The book includes 19 interactive scenes, audio narration, highlighted phrases to help children read along, illustrated keywords to build vocabulary, two original songs with animated music videos, and a bonus memory game.