EA Unleashes 'Zombies & Me' on iPhone

By Chris Faylor, Jul 14, 2009 2:20pm PDT 8 lb Gorilla, a new Electronic Arts studio focused enitrely on "bite-sized iPhone games," today released its first iPhone and iPod Touch game through the iTunes App Store.

Priced at $0.99 and 6.2 MB in size, Zombies & Me has players herding wave after unending wave of the undead away from Granny's house and into the paths of falling bombs. Fortunately, "mindless Zombies can't help but stare up at the incoming bombs."

As players tap the screen to guide their character around, good old Granny will impart some wisdom, such as "no pie for you young men," "I miss Mr. Shingles," and "in my days, zombies were less horrid." The iTunes listing further promises "endless zombies to EXPLODE! EXPLOSIONS! More EXPLOSIONS!!! 3 unique ways to die!"

I took the game for a quick spin, and while it's not the most engrossing experience on the iPhone, there's certainly an addictive pick up and play feel to Zombies & Me. As with other casual games, I have to wonder how long I'll keep coming back to it, but hey, the "Loooading..." screens don't last too long on the old iPhone 3G, so that's nice.

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  • I would assume no less than 200k spent on the game since this is EA....figure they had devs making 100k each a year....so 50k for 6 months. That makes 4 devs or so....bu that is a crappy estimate I just came up with. Of course, iSniper was made by one dude in a few weeks....so it's all profit for him.

    You'd be shocked at how often games for 99 cents sell. Even if they don't sell enough (remember, Apple takes a small cut) it's practice for the next app. They just had some survey/study that showed that 1-2 bucks for an app made it sell a LOT better, so it could easily sell 200,000 copies. Heck, I was about to buy it!! Zombies for 99???