3D Realms Still Releasing DNF Screenshots

By Nick Breckon, Jul 13, 2009 6:52pm PDT In an apparent effort to keep the Duke flame alive, 3D Realms has continued to release screenshots from its unfinished shooter Duke Nukem Forever on the Duke Nukem Facebook page, despite an impending court battle with publisher Take-Two.

It's difficult to muster any contemptuous or enthusiastic words for the images. They merely exist, another reminder of the sad saga that is DNF.

Though work on Duke Nukem Forever has largely stalled with the release of the vast majority of 3D Realms employee, development is said to be continuing. A new full-featured Duke title referred to as "Duke Begins" was being developed at an external studio, but was apparently halted in early April. Meanwhile, a trilogy of handheld Duke Nukem games and an iPhone port of Duke Nukem 3D are still in the works.

Thanks to Montykoro.

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  • For the life of this DNF debacle, I have always believed that the game would come out and it would be better than good, maybe not GREAT, but certainly good enough to justify its morbidly stupid development time. In short, I believed because I cared and wanted to believe. Well, 3DR, you finally did it. I just don't care. I don't care about your 1/4 done game. I don't want to see another screen shot, teaser video, or developer blog. You have lost all credibility as developers and managers of your business. You have successfully squandered one of the best (12 years ago) IPs in PC gaming and shown everyone exactly how NOT to make games. And now, now that veil was lifted in the last month or so and we've seen from fleeing ex-employees the state of the game, how incomplete it actually is, how conventional it appears to be, I am stunned. STUNNED!! Man, what a let down. I've been waiting for this!?!? Seriously? So, I'm done. That's it, I don't care anymore. 3DR needs to do themselves a favor, construct a massive cone of silence that encompasses everything, build the game in silence, and find a way to restore any credibility.

  • DNF is dead man....if they can't do it in 12 years WITH funding, then WITHOUT funding they are screwed. It's the biggest joke in the game industry. I genuinely think it was never meant to come out. They'd just knock up a few screenshots every now and then to keep the buzz alive.

    I mean come on, 12 years and no game........its.....its......I can't even put into words what it is. What's more depressing is that its a generic shooter........that's all.....no revolutionary/evolutionary parts to it. I mean for FUCK sake......and that's swearing!

    Let it go people, and Shack, please, no more news on it........