Penn and Teller Take On Violent Videogames

BOOM widget 82834 Magician/comedy duo Penn and Teller tackled the topic of videogame violence on a recent episode of their Showtime series "Bullshit!", applying their 30-minute, opinionated format to the popular issue.

The show includes interviews with talking head/former lawyer Jack Thompson, educational psychologist Dr. Jane Healy, constitutional attorney Lawrence Walters, and various other fans and detractors of violent games.

The centerpiece of the program is nine-year-old gamer Harrison Nix. A fan of Call of Duty and Tom Clancy titles, Penn and Teller set up Nix at a shooting range to see whether actual rifle fire appeals to the shooter fan.

As the title of the show implies, "Bullshit!" is considered Not Safe For Work, but we've embedded the Youtubed episode below for your adult viewing pleasure: