Guitar Hero 5 Trailer Outlines New Features

By Nick Breckon, Jul 13, 2009 12:54pm PDT Having a hard time keeping track of all these music games? You're not alone. This Guitar Hero 5 trailer will help a bit, as it succinctly outlines what to expect from Activision's next rhythmic offering.

Guitar Hero 5 hits stores on September 1.

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  • Is anyone even planning on buying ShitRockBandWannabe 225? I mean, it's really getting abysmal.

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    • Uh, actually, Rock Band is absolute shite. Noone in their right mind who plays these games properly rather than just for parties when their friends are round would prefer RB.

      Let's compare:

      RB Strat: So bad that even third party controllers laugh in its face. Noone in their right mind would ever use it.
      RB Drum: Pedal breaks with just normal playing. You have to buy addons to give it cymbals. If you're getting a RB layout drumkit you may as well just buy an ION with a destroyer.

      RB hopos: Absolutely horrific, make the game completely unenjoyable.
      RB hyperspeed: One settings on RB2, none at all in RB1.
      Sporadically decides to stop registering notes on the wii version.

      GH titles have near simultaneous release in UK on all platforms.
      Rock Band 2 wii PAL isn't even released in the UK until SEPTEMBER.
      Activision send replacement peripherals immediately without question if one is faulty.
      Harmonix voided the warranties on their drumkits when RB2 was released so you have to buy the newer drumkit. Pedals aren't sold seperately, so if you break it.. well, you either have to get out the duck tape and make a makeshift one, or pay ridiculous prices.

      RB: Apart from making your own characters and adding drums and microphone (which is totally revolutionary, noone could ever think of adding another track to the .mids and add a controller which does exactly the same thing as the guitar but has you hit the buttons with sticks instead, and taking a vocals system already in place for a decade, in the most obvious next step possible), "solo" sections and telling you how many stars you have midsong, RB has less features than Guitar Hero 3. e.g. Less multiplayer options, terrible career mode, terrible score system, abysmal score tracking website, no chooseable hyperspeed level, oh and don't forget absolutely no difficult songs.
      GH: New features constantly being brought into the games. Each person can choose which level of hyperspeed they specifically want and it can be used online in this way. Good hopo system. Decent level of challenge and a much wider spread of difficult songs rather than "Oh we need a new dlc pack, let's bring out Green Day; cause that'll be fun to play.. cough cough". FREE dlc for loads of actually good songs like the James Bond theme, the Modern Hits theme, the Metal pack, the Boss Battle pack etc. which are fun to play. Purple notes work on decent sized buttons instead of the tiny ones on the strat (which sucks immensely; it doesn't even click). Drop in system. 4 guitars at once now if needed. Anything.

      There's a reason when GHP, JLC etc. stream GH videos they get around 1000 viewers, but when they stream RB they get less than 100. Even the time Smokey sat and fced the whole of RB1 and RB2 without sleep live on stream for charity he got around 50 viewers.

      There's also a reason that GH still sells. They're making money, they're bringing out great games and you pay far, far less than you would pay for DLC. I wanted every song on GHSH, minus about 2 of them. I got them on a good engine for cheap. Instead, I could've had them extremely expensive as DLC on a shite engine with shite peripherals and shite options.

      Not to mention custom songs are much better on GH with theghost etc. and on RB2 they only just got released and are a huge hassle with RAWKSD. On wii, btw; they've not managed to get customs for it on any other platform. Probably because they're all too busy making GH customs instead.

      In conclusion, stop badmouthing them. There are millions of people who still buy the games, so they make lots of money. Why would they NOT want to make lots of money? In return, we get amazing games. Everyone profits. If you don't want the game, then just stfu, because plenty of other people do.