Analyst: Prototype to Beat Infamous Sales by 90 Percent, But Not on PS3

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich singled out the war between rival open-world action titles Infamous and Prototype in his retail sales preview today, estimating that Prototype will eventually win out over its rival by a sales margin of 90 percent.

Sucker Punch's PlayStation 3-exclusive Infamous was released on May 26, while Radical's similar, yet multiplatform title Prototype (PC, 360, PS3) launched on June 6. nope Though EEDAR estimates that Prototype will triumph overall, it also predicts that Infamous will outsell its rival by 35 percent on the PlayStation 3, a margin that may increase to 50 percent in the future.

"Due to near identical game play and quality scores, the Infamous vs. Prototype case study presents interesting data to publishers when considering the sales bump a title could receive by choosing exclusivity over a multiplatform release," concluded Divnich.

Divnich added that since EEDAR does not have data on how much it cost publisher Activision to support development of Prototype for three platforms, it is currently difficult to tell which strategy will ultimately pay out the most.