Worms Swings Onto iPhone and iPod Touch

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 13, 2009 8:14am PDT Team17's annelid warfare game Worms has today arrived in the iTunes App Store, bringing turn-based wacky mayhem to your hands and pockets for a mere $4.99.

Tea, top hats and total annihilation.

The 75.2MB download packs 50 challenges, 6 environments and custom music support. Multiplayer is planned to arrive in Bluetooth form first, then online later.

Do be warned that Worms might be a mite sluggish on devices other than the shiny fast iPhone 3GS, though Team17 has said it is working on performance tweaks.

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  • I have it...just got it yesterday. I have the Gen 1 iPod touch and the game IS a bit laggy....not really the gameplay itself, but when you have to 'touch to continue' that takes a bit and the aiming is a bit slower....I can't see making a mistake and killing yourself due to it, but assuming they DO patch it, it should run smoother.

    My problem is that I have ZERO idea what each weapon does....I just realized that you need to hold fire down for the missiles to get distance! I'm used to that super old game Scorched Earth!

    anyone know a good site/FAQ to explain the weapons uses?

  • I just bought it and played about a dozen matches, half of them challenges. I restarted my phone after installing it and I don't really see any stuttering that others have complained about. The controls work okay, but between the small screen and having to be very precise with where you click, it can make the game more difficult, considering how one mis-step can cause you to kill your own worm. To counter this, it would be nice if they gave you longer turns so you're not feeling as rushed to do what you want to.

    Overall, the gameplay's great. If you've played Worms, you already know that the random matches are infinitely replayable. The challenges build in difficulty. I'm not sure how many there are. I've unlocked up to 9 of them so far. I hope that there are enough to provide many hours of gameplay with them. It would be nice if I could take my custom team into the quickplay matches, though, since they only seem to be usable in challenges and possibly multiplayer.

    The promised 3.0 features will likely include multiplayer over bluetooth, but multiplayer on one phone is perfectly satisfactory in the meantime.

    This was on an iPhone 3G, by the way.