Trine Trailer Worsens PlayStation 3 Release Woes

As we're still waiting for the PlayStation 3 edition of Trine to arrive--developer Frozenbyte had hoped it would release by this week, with publisher Nobilis recently clarifying that it's due out "by the end of July"--the studio has issued a new trailer.

Already available for PC, the gorgeous downloadable platformer lets you swap between three different characters at any time, with the below trailer demonstrating the various capabilities of each. The PlayStation 3 edition will be $20, the PC version is $30, and Frozenbyte is working with Atlus in the hopes of bringing Trine to Xbox 360 one day. BOOM video 2231

To preemptively head off the inevitable comments, yes, there's co-op, and no, it's not online. The studio has discussed the possibility of adding online co-op later on, but cautions "it's not really something you should count on - you should buy (or not) the game based on the current features and not on any future 'possible' plans that we have."