Champions Online Open Beta Date 'Likely to Change'

Following a recent report that the open beta for Cryptic's superpowered MMO Champions Online would begin on August 17, the studio has cautioned that it is "likely to change."

"These dates are by no means finalized, and are working dates that are most likely going to change," Daeke, of the studio's online community team, wrote on the game's official boards. "I'm not sure why this information was posted, but we will post the dates for things like Open Beta as we set them." nope

Once slated to launch in PC form on July 16, Champions Online was delayed until September 1 to allow for more polish. An Xbox 360 edition is due by the end of 2009.

Update: VG247, which was among the initial sites to report the date, has explained that the information came from European publisher Namco. Apparently, the details were meant for the press, not the public, though that bit wasn't mentioned in the initial e-mail.