New MechWarrior Announced, Full Trailer Arrives

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 09, 2009 6:26am PDT

As was teased earlier in the week, a new MechWarrior game has been confirmed by co-creator Jordan Weisman in an interview with IGN, and a concept trailer released.

The PC and Xbox 360 game titled simply 'MechWarrior' is being developed by Piranha Games in Unreal Engine 3, in collaboration with Weisman's company Smith & Tinker.

Development began in October so many fine details have yet to be finalised, but it is confirmed to be in the "action sim" style of the previous games. Information warfare will become an important element, including launching drones to survey the battlefield.

Co-op with 1-4 players is planned, along with multiplayer modes containing elements of persistence and Call of Duty-style progression. Cross-platform play for all modes is "a large goal of ours," according to Piranha president Russ Bullock.

MechWarrior is intended to provide a reboot for the mech combat simulator series, and is focused on a family serving House Davion at the end of the Third Succession War.

A publisher is still being sought for MechWarrior, and no release date is known.

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  • Its most likely been gone over, but i been out of country awhile and just heard the news. This I hope will be a great start to breathing new life into the series. But i have to say, I really hope they release something to go witht he xbox 360 if thats the path people wish to play the game I, myself will be Plaing on the PC) and it will be very limited in what they can do with the Mech itself on the xbox.
    I mean, you only have two analog sticks for movement abilites, I remember i used to have a 3axis flightstick with 9 buttons, and having a left handed trackball mouse to just to keep up in MW4 multiplayer. I just hope they dont dummy it down, or give there an option to have it dummy downed, that way those people that are not coordinated enough to operate a mech with 2 semi-indapendent body parts, plus up to ten different weapon groupings. plus your alpha strikes, plus your shutdown overides, plus your coolant flushes, plus your comms when playing multiplayer. i mean really how you gonna do all this while playin on the console, i mean yeah the voice has come alot further now adays. but i go one, and its more because i am excited about this game, and hoping piranha games gets a publisher and not EA or Microsoft.