New MechWarrior Announced, Full Trailer Arrives

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 09, 2009 6:26am PDT

As was teased earlier in the week, a new MechWarrior game has been confirmed by co-creator Jordan Weisman in an interview with IGN, and a concept trailer released.

The PC and Xbox 360 game titled simply 'MechWarrior' is being developed by Piranha Games in Unreal Engine 3, in collaboration with Weisman's company Smith & Tinker.

Development began in October so many fine details have yet to be finalised, but it is confirmed to be in the "action sim" style of the previous games. Information warfare will become an important element, including launching drones to survey the battlefield.

Co-op with 1-4 players is planned, along with multiplayer modes containing elements of persistence and Call of Duty-style progression. Cross-platform play for all modes is "a large goal of ours," according to Piranha president Russ Bullock.

MechWarrior is intended to provide a reboot for the mech combat simulator series, and is focused on a family serving House Davion at the end of the Third Succession War.

A publisher is still being sought for MechWarrior, and no release date is known.

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  • "Blah blah blah, I can't hear you, I have my PC brand earplugs in.

    You don't get it do you? Did you ever play Tribes2? Did you realize how far ahead of it's time it was with it's multiplayer interface and community built right into the game itself? Do you also realize that all that innovation and ambition has been sucked dry from the PC scene because of all these multiplatform concessions? PC gaming is de-evolving, but hey, you're a console gamer, what the fuck do you care? You didn't spend thousands of dollars on your PC, or more over the years, have you?"

    Wow I think I just about shit myself when I read you mentioned T2 and I was just going to sit in the background.

    Tech, along of a lot of other people in the threads about the new MW game, are finally comming out of the closet. We're sick and fucking tired of getting treated like crap, then developers make shitty ports from the console to the PC (it used to be pc-to-console) and then when it doesn't sell well they blame it all on piracy, which is basically like calling someone a witch you don't like.

    Tribes 2 was the pinacle of game development at the time and I STILL have not found a game nearly as good. Tribes:Vengeance was just aimed at sucking players off of UT and they did and lost both those players and the Tribes players.

    It's just been a big shit shoot. Even now they're barely starting to put in some of the gameplay mechanics that were found in that game. Buying vehicles in a game, being able to change your inventory dynamically (not being limited to one role), a more strategic over view using the command console, in game chat, integrated and robust voice over macros for just about everything, ridiuclously good balancing over all the classes, multiple roles including scouting that had a purpose, mediums that could concentrate on more on infrastructure building, maps that are so big that you could spend a good 45 mins trying to get to the end of, the list goes on.

    Lets not forget the fact that there was a integrated community (before it got axed), with in game forums, clan pages, a private messaging system, clan tags, a community page, a way to address developers.

    Epic battles that took place on massive scales with ridiuclousy fucking amazing netcode. You could play just about evenly matched on dialup, which is something I still have not seen in modern games. Not just that, but the game looked good overall at the time it was put out. 64 player servers at the time with a maximum of 128, back when dialup was more mainstream then broadband.

    Quite frankly the biggest and best part of the Tribes franchise was it's ease of modability (till the new team took over and butchered T2). There were so many mods and you could generally just connect to them without downloading any new content, which added a ridiculous amount of replayability.

    Oh and then there is the whole dynamic of adding physics to player movements and environmental interactions and something about flying, but that doesn't add depth at all to a game.

    The fact that I can rant this easily (this didn't take much time to write), just off the top of my head says so much about how much consoles have butchered the PC gaming market. They said there isn't a playerbase there to be tapped, but there is. They're just taking the easy way out. Console players don't demand much, they just want to sit down and shoot stuff. They don't care about polish, good gameplay, living up to a name, or updates to patch parts of the game that are terrible.

    There is a ridiculously huge hardcore playerbase, yet we aren't easily tapped. I wonder why that is? It's because we know better then to get sucked into hype and we don't believe reviewers who play a hour of the game and then give it a good score based on how much money that publisher is giving their website (not aimed at shacknews). We listen to trusted friends, we don't trust hype, we play the demo or our 'friends' copy of the game, we don't play games JUST to get achievements, we criticize parts of the game and don't say QQ to people for having valid arguements.

    I'm stuck playing fucking WoW because I've outplayed all the other good games in existence (BF2, CS:S, RoL, DoW, CoD4, etc.). I've played DoW religiously since it came out because it's THAT GOOD. All the good games in the last, oh lets say, five years, have been crappy or not nearly as good as the ones that came before it and I've been let down time and time again. Developers wonder why they don't get our money? They don't try to improve, they just attempt to maintain the status quo.

    The only thing else that's helping me pass my time is TF2, but despite that being fun I can't play hardcore because it seems to be missing that element that makes you want to play more. No, despite what devs think, the magic sauce is not unlocks or achievements.

    So, forgive me if I'm like the rest of the QQing tards on here and can see a port failure comming a mile away. I play games for a hobby rather then being stoned all the time, constantly being inebriated, bragging about how many different women I've slept with, or try to beat the train when I'm drunk.

    Wow, I'm almost starting to see a line between the average joe who doesn't care about playing a 50 dollar investment more then two days and hardcore gamers which are to the point of being classy, upstanding, and demand more then the same regurgitated and dumbed down shit.

    /end rant