Age of Conan Launches 'Re-evaluation Campaign,' Invites Old Players Back with Free Playtime

By Chris Faylor, Jul 08, 2009 8:59am PDT Now that Age of Conan has celebrated its first birthday, developer Funcom has launched a "re-evaluation campaign" to promote the "slew of massive updates and improvements" that were made to the PC MMORPG across its first year on the market.
As part of the campaign, inactive accounts can be reactivated, at no cost, from July 8 to July 22, with those returning to the world of Hyboria getting two weeks of free play.

"The free trial campaign will temporarily be closed to ensure the best play environment for all returning players," Funcom noted. The first major expansion for the game is slated to be revealed come August, with a long-promised Xbox 360 version still in the works.

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  • Updated the game, logged in ran around checked a few things out on my 80 ToS, logged out - logged back in on my 73 looks better than ever visually, pv p seems much much better, the items are much easy to understand now too, seems to have smoother game play over all, but the new content is mostly ho-hum as far as interaction goes, AoC from the start to me has amazing graphics, great plot / storyline and characters, and a host of other really cool thing, character customization really stands out in this game, but over all it still just ends up feeling like it's missing something. I've played most popular mmo's from the old EQ days all the way to D&D and some WoW /EQ2/FFII and a host of others, AoC is really a good game it just doesn't keep me coming back for more very often...whats next?