New MechWarrior Game Very Obviously Teased (Updated with More Videos)

By Alice O'Connor and Chris Faylor, Jul 07, 2009 8:04am PDT

Update: A few more videos have surfaced. Viewable below, the clips combine, like a Transformer, to provide a full look at what is undoubtedly a giant mechanical warrior.

Voodoo Extreme owner IGN claims it will clear up the "rumors" through the publication of an interview with MechWarrior liscensee Jordan Weisman and Piranha's Russ Bullock on Thursday, July 9 at 12:01 AM PDT. The rumors apparently began after footage popped up on YouTube, with IGN adding that the announcement "will rock your computer."

Original: A new MechWarrior game is under development by Piranha Games, according to a very short teaser trailer and unsubtle hints dropped by Voodoo Extreme. No other details are known, though the site suggests a full trailer will be released later this week.

"Oh my, what on Earth could this be about? Could it be... a new MechWarrior?! Gee, I suppose it could," were the words and links that accompanied the site's posting of the below teaser. "Perhaps a Piranha will post a proper trailer later in the week?"

Piranha Games has a quiet development history, with its most recent credit being "additional character and level art" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Luxoflux's robo-tastic movie tie-in game Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Jordan Weisman, founder of MechWarrior creator FASA, announced in 2007 that his new company Smith & Tinker had licensed the electronic rights to the MechWarrior property from Microsoft--which had bought FASA--and intended to "surprise and delight old fans."

The mech combat simulator series' last installment was MechWarrior 4 in 2000, and developer FASA Interactive was closed in 2007. Microsoft has since permitted the upcoming Crysis mod MechWarrior: Living Legends to use the property.

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  • About fucking time. I thought I'd have to wait a few more years and maybe then get to play the Beta of Legends.

    The only thing I can say is I hope to god they don't completely ruin the series with another installment remeniscent of MW4.

    MW3 was pure sex at the time and MW2 wasn't bad either. This is a foolish thing to say, but please don't ruin the next MW game and make it something like Tribes1/2 to Tribes:Vengeance. If this is something similar to a arcade shooter made for a xBox controller with drop and drag vehicle creation similar to the MW4 mech configuration I'll... I don't know what I'll do.

    Not to say the UT3 engine is old, but why not go with the Crytek? Honestly the videos from legends look better then these videos on here.

  • Now fr you noobs..
    this isn't armored core.. third person.. combo lameish game.. that game sucked..

    MechWarrior is a ancient title one of the very first robot chasis control warfighter games

    bein all in first person.. the game was always a great fun even when.. polygon count was under 100..

    the graphics back then.. were very crappy, but back then.. they were considered top knotch.. super awesome, best new game graphics, hype level needed. Where if you look at old mechwarrior games, today.. you would go.. people played that $%^T ?..

    yes.. and it was fun..

    The game had multiplayer support back then.. With deathmatch enabled.. you Designed your own Mech walker from body chasis, mech engine(speed) to weapons.. mechwarrior never had any melee weapons, but plasma cannons, gattling guns, heavy rockets, ect.. and obliterate your opponents in your path..

    First person shooter,. where you control inside the cockpit *was optional* when the game was on the PC only.. this games details are very limited here..

    I really hate short trailers like so..

    So what is to be expected?.. some of all that I said, but no story line.. Well previous stories were about nations Conflicting having a entire world at war.. An you being the ace pilot of the Mech Warrior..

    Game play and graphics should be quite intresting on this next title..
    its obvious it might be a lot of fighting in side a city..

    hopefully you will be able to...

    1 blow up buildings.. so you wont be playing in jst a city.. but on a nice plain after 10 mins..
    2A vast selection of weapons, mech chasis
    3Giant maps that give you enough room to counter attack and even play some what stealthy..

    those three ideas would be awesome.. What be even cooler if you could.. drive tanks/aircraft/be infantry.. get out, shoot a pilot inside the mechwarrior, steal a mechwarrior.. and have an entire base..
    like that amazing game called Battlezone..

    Im surprised Piranha is making the title also.. it use to be under different owner..

    Which even though im sure multiplayer with have deathmatch.. team deathmatch, and probably a seige and capture game play.. like most co-op online play..
    What would be awesome.. would be a Story line co-op play.. as those games have become very popular..

  • God I hope that they give this game a dark image. I always imaged Mechwarrior world as rugged and full of fear and lack of appreciation of life.

    I like how they made the videos ominous with the music. It makes you feel a bit uneasy, and it makes it a bit scary. Some of the missions in the MW2 series were fucking scary and you were flying by the seat of your pants hoping that you could just blow off an arm of the other mech so you might last a few seconds longer, or blow off a leg and run the fuck away.

    Also, they talk about fun something that will rock your computer.

    I hope that this game is not going to be an MMO :-0