Duke Nukem 3D Coming to iPhone 'Very Soon'

BOOM widget 123353An iPhone and iPod Touch release of 3D Realms' classic shooter Duke Nukem 3D is due "very soon," according to IGN.

Mobile developer Machineworks Northwest, responsible for the iPhone and iPod Touch release of Prey Invasion, is handling the port.

As with Prey Invasion, Duke Nukem 3D will use on-screen control bars (seen above) for movement and aiming, with firing handled either by tapping a foe or the fire button. The port is said to contain the "entire game," complete with the iconic one-liners and "subtly upgraded" visuals, with no word yet on a price or solid release date.

3D Realms had previously teased that a total of three Duke Nukem games were headed to the iPhone, with the remaining two projects still shrouded in mystery.