1 vs. 100 Debuts Actual Prizes on Xbox Live Friday

As the beta for Microsoft's online quiz show 1 vs. 100 continues in North America, the company today revealed that it will begin offering actual prizes on Friday, July 10. nope

Those selected to be "The One" can earn up to 10,000 Microsoft Points ($125), depending on how many members of the 100-person "Mob" they can outsmart when answering trivia questions. Should "The One" choose incorrectly when less than 60 members are left in "The Mob," the remaining Mobsters will split the prize.

While players are somewhat-randomly selected to be "The One" or in "The Mob" during live broadcasts, taking place in the regular "Extended Play" sessions is said to improve one's chances of being selected. The free beta is open to Xbox Live Gold members on a per-territory basis, with the game premiering in the UK on Friday, July 10.

Those who aren't "The One" or in "The Mob" go to a nebulous area known as "The Crowd," whereupon they can still answer questions and be up for prizes--the three folks in "The Crowd" with the highest scores snag an Xbox Live Arcade game.

"Season 1" of 1 vs. 100, as it's referred to, draws to a close in the United States and Canada on August 10, according to the official rules. However, those in Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Vermont and Quebec are not eligible for skill-based prizes.