Left 4 Dead 1 DLC Announcement Coming Shortly, Sequel's Pre-orders Double Those of Original

By Chris Faylor, Jul 03, 2009 10:20am PDT Though Left 4 Dead 2 is slated to arrive on PC and Xbox 360 come November 17, developer Valve has reaffirmed that it will continue to support the original edition of its cooperative zombie shooter with as-yet-unspecified downloadable content.

"More info will be coming shortly on the [Left 4 Dead 1] DLC," Valve's Chet Faliszek told Shacknews, adding that the DLC will come in addition to enhancements, such as the promised team-based matchmaking update for the first Left 4 Dead.

"We plan to keep supporting Left 4 Dead 1," Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi recently told CVG. "I think folks took our [E3] announcement [of Left 4 Dead 2] as a sign that we were dropping Left 4 Dead 1 and that's just not the case."

Lombardi noted that "there will be some announcements coming before summer's out about what's coming there," explaining that the internet's vocal opposition to Left 4 Dead 2 and the subsequent boycott "really didn't change our plans at all."

Despite that backlash and 37,335-member strong boycott against Left 4 Dead 2, Lombardi informed Eurogamer that "pre-orders are currently double what they were for Left 4 Dead 1 at this point in time away from launch."

"Once everything's been out for a while and everyone's had time to see the complete product of Left 4 Dead 2 and see continued support for Left 4 Dead 1, they may sort of see what we were up to and what the method of our madness was there," he told CVG.

Valve is "still looking at other ways to make the [Left 4 Dead] community cohesive in an elegant fashion," with the recent L4D mod tools allowing user-created content to be played in both PC releases, but hasn't "nailed down all the final details on that just yet."

The studio further confirmed plans to provide a pre-release multiplayer demo of Left 4 Dead 2, much like it did with the PC and Xbox 360 original. "With Left 4 Dead in particular we've found that word of mouth really is the strongest thing," Lombardi told OXM. "With Left 4 Dead 2 we plan to do a demo before the game comes out that'll have multiplayer in it. And hopefully we can continue the free weekends with the full game post-launch."

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  • I've played Left 4 Dead for maybe 40 to 100 hours. For the $50 I spent, I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. No more than $1.25 per hour of gameplay, to as low as $0.50 per hour. That said I can't really complain.

    Is there more I would like Valve to put into it? Absolutely! Being stuck with 3 early game weapons, 3 late game weapons, and 2 throwable weapons, 1 melee attack and pistols, there is only so much you're going to get out of it. I actually bought the game thinking that there would be more weapons to choose from, but this is how things are. I would really have liked to see a flamethrower, maybe being able to plant landmines, duel wielded sub machineguns, and perhaps some more "crazy" weapons "inspired" by Unreal Tournament like the bio gun. Think about infecting the infected, spraying out some sort of corrosive liquid that causes them to explode. I've never been that into modern warfare or world war 2 weapons. They're too bland for me, but if they're needed to fit a theme then so be it. It's not like I'm the majority shareholder and can influence what they do.

    That said, I would like to see more in Left 4 Dead, but considering what I got out of it, it's not all that bad, especially when looking at the cost/time factor. Does TF2 have the same cost/time ratio? Absolutely not! It's probably at about $0.20 an hour now for me if you think of it as a $50 game. They're different games, with different lifespans and different gameplays that may or may not be as addictive. Coop is great, 4 vs 4 games are great as well. However, it's hard to beat the lure of competitive gaming on 16 vs 16 player servers.

    Keep complaining if you want, but at the same time, try to think about what you got out of it as well.

  • of course pre-orders have doubled. When you have a game that sells 2.5 million copies on retail channels, what store wouldn't stock up for a sequel of such magnitude?

    I can tell you from experience that store managers don't give a flying fuck over what's happening in some dark galaxy deep within the internet because these guys have to manage the store, the stock, deal with the customers, with the staff, the upper management and all within 8 to 12 hours a day. Then they go home, get to their families and sleep for the next day.

    Even if for some reason the uprising against the game reaches their knowledge, they see it as 'good' marketing. And marketing = sales. And that's what they do, they sell games.

    But to say the boycott was meaningless is also shortsighted. 6 months with the game out and Valve couldn't even fix the matchmaking. And then the consumer gains a voice and you get freebies, fixes and soon-to-be-released new content.

    Call it self-entitlement, whining girls and babies, but the way these consumers have act is also a call for our rights. People live their lives the way the want to. Some don't care if their banks take 0,01 cents from their bank account for some mathematical reason, but others do and they act. It's good that people act. You may approve or not their fight but if noone fights, tyranny reigns and your way of living becomes controlled by someone else.

    Unfortunately there will never be a solution for this fiasco, but keep the fight!

  • a standalone game makes sense for the console folk, they made the decision to use that gaming platform and they deserve whatever they get

    as a long time PC gamer, I expect the same level of service I have had in the past
    the idea that Valve is adding a couple things to the engine and just adding content seems like an expansion ... and really, that is exactly what EA has done to capitalize on The Sims with it's copious amount of expansion packs

    I was broke when L4D came out, I got in a couple months after when it was on sale ... no one was playing really, all of my friends had run back to TF2, and seriously it gets tiresome

    I am not sure how having 2 incompatible games will keep the community together, I honestly have never heard of such a thing

    PS: where the hell is HL2 episode 3 ...

  • Now I play this game almost every day, so god knows how many hours I've put into it - I fucking love it

    BUT I have to admit the support its got has been pretty terrible. Theres been well-known bugs there so long now that I think either they don't have the skill to fix them or they're just lazy. I'm not talking about the DLC which was nice enough, I'm talking about the quirky bugs that you have to work around.

    Myself and friends still love it and have fun but the promises made such a long time ago have just taken far, far too long to be delivered. Its like the L4D team have a very lazy or just just uncommunicative attitude towards the game. Now we know that their seemingly small team had been working on the sequel all this time too which is good but fix the 1st one's problems first you muppets.

    I'll be buying L4D2 regardless as I know I'll have countless hours of enjoyment once again but I really hope they have more resources to fixing game bugs. It just takes them far too long!