Shack PSA: 50% Off Fallout 3 PC and Other Sales

As Independence Day is drawing near, online retailers have already kicked off their weekend sales, with the highlight thus far being Steam's half-off sale on Fallout 3.

Usually $50, a digital download of Bethesda's acclaimed post-apocalyptic PC RPG can temporarily be yours for $25. However, this doesn't include any of the $10 downloadable expansions, so the more frugal of you may want to wait until October, when the game and its five downloadable add-ons will be sold together in a $50 Game of the Year bundle. nope

Other standout deals include the X-Com Complete Pack for $7.50 at GamersGate and Call of Duty: World at War PC for $35 at Direct2Drive. Impulse also has several noteworthy sales going on, including a $30 Sins of the Solar Empire/Expansion Bundle and free copies of Red Faction 1 and 2 with a pre-order of RF: Guerrilla.

Oh, and don't forget that with Street Fighter IV PC coming out next week, both Steam and Impulse are offering 10% off pre-orders, making the fighting game $36.