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By Nick Breckon, Jul 01, 2009 6:00pm PDT Took a short trip over to Telltale today to check out Tales of Monkey Island. I'll write a thing on it soon. Well, very soon, considering the first episode launches next Tuesday.


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  • Question for DBAs, database developers and SQL gurus:

    I need to bone up on my SQL, and I'm also thinking about certification, etc. I already know a limited amount of SQL, but if I am going invest the time to get better at it, what kind of certification would be most valuable?

    I am a health care researcher and statistician who has been programming in SAS for over 15 years. I have the Base SAS Programmer certification, and the next level (Advanced) certification for SAS is basically a certification that you know how to use PROC SQL (SAS's implementation of SQL) and can write complex macros in SAS. So my initial thought was to just continue with SAS and get the Advanced certification.

    But I'm wondering if Oracle certification might be more widely useful. Although SAS is widely used by researchers, Oracle is also commonly used as a production database at the enterprise level within health care organizations. Can I get a certification in Oracle for just knowing SQL and maybe PL/SQL? Or do I have to learn a bunch of other stuff as well to get certified with Oracle?