Shack PSA: First Two Red Factions Free with Guerrilla PC Pre-Order on Impulse

Digital distributor Impulse is sowing seeds of destruction by offering the first two Red Faction titles for free with PC pre-orders of Volition's shooter Red Faction: Guerrilla.

While Guerrilla focuses on demolishing constructions in the third person, 2001's Red Faction and 2002's Red Faction 2 delighted in exploding environments from a first-person perspective, complete with a terrain destruction engine.

Buy this mayhem, get this destruction free.

However, Impulse notes you will not receive the two games until you are charged for your $39.99 Guerrilla pre-order--which will only happen when Guerrilla arrives. Publisher THQ hasn't confirmed the PC release date quite yet--the console editions arrived in early June--but several retailers, Impulse included, expect it to arrive on August 25.