Microsoft Details Xbox 360's Last.fm Streaming

Several new details regarding the Xbox 360's forthcoming ability to stream music from internet radio service Last.fm have emerged via a Joystiq interview with Microsoft.

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to freely stream Last.fm tunes later this year, but those with free Xbox Live Silver accounts will still be able to listen in. Xbox Live general manager Christina DeRosa explained that Silver folk "will be able access what we're considering a trial period of three hours a month, which comes with video advertising." nope

While Xbox Live Gold members can stream all they want, DeRosa added that the service will still be "ad-supported" unless one purchases a "premium" Last.fm subscription, which also comes with "more sophisticated personalization features, like Loved Tracks."

It's not known if Last.fm will be offering a specially priced or separate subscription for Xbox 360 owners--at present, the service offers optional subscriptions for $3 a month.