Game Creator Kodu Released on Xbox Live

Microsoft Research's Kodu Game Lab, described as "a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games," has been released on Xbox 360.

Available under the Community Games--soon to be rebranded "Indie Games"--portion of the online Xbox Live Marketplace, the 167MB program can be sampled in demo form, with the full version downloadable in exchange for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). nope

The full version packs several tutorials and numerous samples, with genres ranging from shooter to racing to role-playing. Created games can be shared with other Xbox Live members, and can support multiplayer for up to four offline players.

"We're making it easy for everyone to enjoy the magic of game creation," lead designer Matt MacLaurin explained earlier this year. At the time, Microsoft utilized "actual 12-year-old girl" Sparrow to demonstrate the ease of using Kodu's icon-based interface.