Blizzard Axes LAN Play for StarCraft 2

By Nick Breckon, Jun 29, 2009 4:07pm PDT Blizzard senior VP Rob Pardo has confirmed that the company's upcoming RTS sequel StarCraft II will not feature LAN multiplayer support.

The feature has been cut due to the "planned technology to be incorporated into," according to a comment issued to IncGamers.

Blizzard has yet to finalize the feature set for the new A multiplayer StarCraft II beta test is scheduled to begin later this summer.

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  • This goes along with the current crap going down on Things like people getting banned for using third party programs and non sanctioned servers for hosting games. It's dumb really. Most of the people that use 3rd party programs such as WC3 Banlist or Listchecker do it because functions that, quite frankly, should have been available on anyway. Things like checking peoples ms and being able to join a friends game without having to type in the game name exactly right are absolutely essential. To ban people for using these programs for that and other important functions that should have been implemented into Bnet long ago is just fucking retarded. If the revamp doesn't include functions that these programs provide, you can be sure that use of these programs will continue.

  • Blizzard is likely implementing a WoW-esque, client based BNet: where the servers do the majority of the hosting, and the CD-key is tied to a static account. The result being a massive reduction in the effectiveness of map hacking. I'll cross my fingers for this reasoning.

    It's also possible that they just don't want the server/hosting code accessible to the pirates. That Blizzard is will be creating a new relationship they will have with the players in SC2 multiplayer. Maybe some holiday scripted in-game events kind of like WoW or time of day stuff? Or a real-time faction-based territory control/take-over thing? That kind of service has more inherent value so I guess that's a partial reasoning why LAN support might not even be feasible. Of course, it's a selfish move that mostly hurts the real customers in the end.