BioShock 2 Concept Art: Prototyping Big Daddy

A new post on the official BioShock fan site Cult of Rapture provides a look at the various prototypes of the Big Daddy Prototype player-character.

Several pieces of concept art are featured, along with a final version that shows the character's solidified design. nope "The artists had to imagine what the very first Big Daddy would have on him--this Big Daddy had to feel like he was a rough draft or a work-in-progress, an amalgam of Big Daddies to come," writes BioShock community manager Elizabeth Tobey.

Click through for a similar look at the evolution of the Big Sister:

Of the Big Sister concepts, Tobey says: "Some of these concepts were created more to explore her personality, and others to figure out her final form. I'll leave you to explore them yourselves, and ponder upon what each detail means." nope