ArmA 2 Demo Released, Samples Campaign and Multiplayer

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 25, 2009 7:59am PDT Now on FileShack is the demo for Bohemia Interactive's battlefield simulator ArmA 2. The whopping 2.84GB download contains one campaign mission, a multiplayer map with three game modes, the 'boot camp' tutorials, and oodles of weapons and vehicles.

Already released in Europe, ArmA 2 will arrive in North America through Steam on Friday, then hit retail shelves on July 7 courtesy of publisher Got Game Entertainment.

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  • arma 2 seems like it could be a really neat game with some minor nuisances that mostly equate to a learning curve. my impressions after playing the basic training portion of the demo for only an hour (and as a new arma player).

    TLDR; so far i'm really enjoying the demo and there's a good chance if the rest of the demo is as good i'll be buying this.

    what's cool
    1. all the player view mode tweaks with the keypad, wow, i got lost a few times in all the modes
    2. small arms weapons look good and have good feedback
    3. fast loading missions, eat my shorts BF2
    4. alt-tab works better than any other game i can remember, super fast and pauses the game automatically
    5. best parachuting experience in any game ive played (really need to max use of keypad Enter key to switch view)
    6. the fact the interface/hud can be one resolution (i.e. native) while the 3d graphics can be different (i.e a lower one)
    7. flying the helicopters are hard but i feel like im actually flying a helicopter
    8. graphics and lighting are superb ( try flying into the sun, good luck viewing your instrument panel)
    8. i'm still playing it

    what's not
    1. what's with the weird prone view when you pick up weapons/ammo ?
    2. mouse lag on my native resolution, changing to a lower res for the most part removes the mouse lag
    3. it's not obvious where to go to find weapons, ammo, objectives sometimes
    4. steam overlay doesn't work
    5. mouse wheel zoom on the map is inverted
    6. the AI took the longest possible route to get into the helicopter. the helicopter was right in front of us and instead of walking towards it it ran backwards around another helicopter which it circled and then came back to the helicopter in front of us