Report: 'Modern Warfare 2' Suffers Sans 'Call of Duty'

By Nick Breckon, Jun 24, 2009 4:11pm PDT The removal of "Call of Duty" from the title of Infinity Ward's latest shooter "Modern Warfare 2" means that around half as many gamers will recognize and anticipate the game, according to an OTX survey reported on by Gamasutra.

OTX uses a representative sample of US gamers to track awareness of upcoming titles. As of May, 40% of those gamers were aware of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After Activision dropped "Call of Duty" from the official title of the game, OTX followed suit in the survey, leading the awareness to hit a low of 20%.

"In other words, the Call of Duty brand association essentially doubles the awareness for the game," said OTX analyst Nick Williams. "That is quite a remarkable statistic."

Despite confusion over the rebranding, Williams notes that the game is still posting the highest level of "Pre-Order Intent" amongst gamers.

"Even without the Call of Duty association, it is still perceived as a must have title," he added.

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  • Call of duty is a falling star,modern warfare is the name that all true gamers know!
    I heard about MW 2 back in December and have prepaid already as have half the guys at the last lan party i went to,so as for gamers not knowing or only twenty percent bullshit.

    There is to much smack talk going down over this game ,how bout every armchair bound noob that thinks he knows better than a multi billion dallor company shut up,and wait till the game comes out,

    the multi player is going to be sick,the co-op (2 player only)speical forces chellenge cool and the single player campain fine with me as my mates tend to get me killed anyway.

    nb.waw was crap the only saving grace was co-op ,yet it seems to be what most people wine about,maybe thats because in multi player they get owned.
    so brace yourself for november 10th ,and keep an eye out i'll be the guy with the icepick in the snowstorm newbies yeahhh Ha!