Brothers in Arms Maker Files 'War Hero' Trademarks

By Chris Faylor, Jun 24, 2009 8:40am PDT New trademark registrations from Gearbox Software seem to suggest that the company behind the World War II shooter series Brothers in Arms and Wii maraca-shaker Samba de Amigo is plotting (or at least protecting) a new "War Hero" franchise.

The studio recently filed for four trademarks related to that phrase--World War II Hero, War Hero, Brothers in Arms War Hero, and Modern War Hero--as noticed by superannuation. Each filing is listed under the general category of "computer game programs and computer game software."

At present, Gearbox has three mystery projects and two known titles--Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines--in development. Borderlands (PC, PS3, 360) is slated to hit this October, while Aliens (PC, PS3, 360) is expected no earlier than next year.

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