First Max Payne 3 Screenshots Released

By Chris Faylor, Jun 23, 2009 1:06pm PDT

Following the recent flood of details, the first screenshots from Rockstar Vancouver's Max Payne 3 have arrived, providing a better look at the aged, bald and pot-bellied protagonist.

Set 12 years after the events of Remedy's Max Payne 2 and packing a cover system that is "not the focus of the game," the anticipated sequel hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this winter.

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  • EKURIOX..Dude, step away from the keyboard. Better yet stay away from the computer entirely. Here's a quick walk through your post.

    "If you recall playing the first game.. hardly anyone does.. but i played some of it"

    First of all this is Max Payne 3, that means there were TWO titles in the series before this one, and I along with many readers remember this game all too well.

    Second of all the photo realistic graphics created quite a little stir before it's release, and after a few delays it was still on the most wanted lists for many gamers including myself. Keep in mind the Matrix which came out in 1999 (which coincidentally is the year you were born) was still very fresh in people mind so the idea to slow down time and unload a clip into someone while you're diving for cover was VERY cool.

    And lastly, as someone who claims they only played some of it, it clearly labels you as someone who has no idea about what he's talking about.

    NO open world, NO mini games and Rockstars "game interface" remains unchanged since the first 3D Grand Theft Auto (Yea there was a GTA in 2D, several of them, I bet you didn't know that either)