Mass Effect Galaxy Released for iPhone

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 23, 2009 7:48am PDT Mass Effect Galaxy, an iPhone and iPod Touch instalment of BioWare's RPG series developed by EA Mobile, is now available on the iTunes Store priced at $4.99.

"When the galaxy is in peril," according to EA, "only a biotic-powered super-soldier can save the day." Enter Jacob Taylor, "a combat power-house," who'll blast his way through top-down sections and be an insensitive brute in the animated adventure segments.

Galaxy's story will feed into BioWare's upcoming Mass Effect 2, introducing Jacob and another character who will appear in the PC and Xbox 360 sequel.

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  • I put in about 15min with the game over lunch today, and here's what I have:

    1. Mass Effect: The Loading Screen
    I find I spend about half the time in the game staring at a loading screen. Combat occurs on a room-by-room basis, with most rooms having 3-5 bad guys. Clearing a room is pretty quick, and then it's on to a loading screen!

    2. Framerate pain
    Whenever the action gets too frantic, the game slows to a crawl. I've died a few times because I didn't know I had lost all of my health. I'm wondering why the game has such problems as I've played what seem like more visually complex games on the phone before without problems.

    3. Choices that aren't choices
    In conversation, I'm given choices but it doesn't feel like those choices matter for anything yet. I might as well go with the default in every conversation branch.

    4. I want this as a cartoon
    There's key story bits in this game, but it feels like I'm wading through awkward combat sequences, and stilted conversations to get to it. The cartoon cutscenes are fun and interesting. I'd like the story of this game done in a 30min cartoon.

    Again, just my initial thoughts. I'm not discarding the game yet, I'm just not sure about its lasting appeal.