Morning Squidussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 23, 2009 7:00am PDT

Everyone welcome Nick back from his unusually busy vacation. The poor soul just wanted some rest and relaxation, but no matter where he went--the Orient express, an English manor house, New York, a sleepy Maine fishing village--murders and mysteries were abound. He ended up spending his time dashing around questioning suspects and searching for clues rather than burning to a crisp and wearing straw hats daubed with amusing slogans as he should have been. Bless his little white cotton socks.

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  • Reposted from last nights chatty...


    I am putting together a Party Bus business, for those Shackers that live in the Sacramento "area" or are travelling through the area and are looking to get together without the hassles of driving after a good party, let me do it.

    A few things about the party bus:
    It's a piece of shit, has porno mags a couch and a fold up table for placing your drinks.
    yes you can drink on the bus.
    The windows partially work.
    It's totally redneck

    Anyways, I'm offering the service to Shackers for only gas money (10 bucks a person), as long as it's local. Anything south, towards SF will have to be gas money for the return trip as well.

    If anyone is interested, we're doing dry runs through July 18th to work out the kinks in the system.
    Pub Crawls
    Auburn Brewfest (
    Local Clubs (Boardwalk/Powerhouse etc)
    I can also promise that at somepoint, some girl will be bent over begging to be slapped in the ass, a girl will piss near the bus, boobs will be shown and possibly lap dances and girls in bikini's, but no promises on the girls in bikini's

    Party Bus that I'm setting up is available for Nor-Cal Shackers, come and party this weekend 3 runs.