Morning Squidussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 23, 2009 7:00am PDT

Everyone welcome Nick back from his unusually busy vacation. The poor soul just wanted some rest and relaxation, but no matter where he went--the Orient express, an English manor house, New York, a sleepy Maine fishing village--murders and mysteries were abound. He ended up spending his time dashing around questioning suspects and searching for clues rather than burning to a crisp and wearing straw hats daubed with amusing slogans as he should have been. Bless his little white cotton socks.

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  • In a recent report from The National Institute of Mental Health, the widely held belief that playing CTF maps in TF2 could cause homosexuality was dispelled as urban myth. Interestingly enough though, one map was found to provoke strong vaigra like reactions in both snipers and spies (the classes cited as most likely to be engaging in male anal intercourse) which is coincidentally a CTF map!

    CTF_Aerospace_b3 - Critic rating: 9.9/10 User rating: 10/10 bscore: 9.93/10

    Chance of engineers being the deciding factor for the winning team: Very good
    Chance for pyros to cause spies emotional distess: likely
    Chance for snipers to actually contribute on a ctf map: excellent
    Overall odds this may be enjoyed by all: never that good but some people can't be happy unless they have something to bitch about. Its probably the best looking outdoor map with many strategic choke points. Vastly unappreciated for reasons I don't understand. Maybe some maps are too complex initially, like Vengaurds great new reverse ctf map . Thats why we should play them more so they become familiar!

    HIREZ? Will you give it another shot? I guess I missed it the first time it was payed.