Morning Squidussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 23, 2009 7:00am PDT

Everyone welcome Nick back from his unusually busy vacation. The poor soul just wanted some rest and relaxation, but no matter where he went--the Orient express, an English manor house, New York, a sleepy Maine fishing village--murders and mysteries were abound. He ended up spending his time dashing around questioning suspects and searching for clues rather than burning to a crisp and wearing straw hats daubed with amusing slogans as he should have been. Bless his little white cotton socks.

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  • So... Terminator Salvation was at once pretty terrible and pretty entertaining.

    I like the comment I heard somewhere that it gets the job done unless you actually think about what the job was meant to do. It is a 2 hour movie that progresses absolutely nothing, zero in terms of character, zero in terms of overall plot arc and zero for the mythos.

    That said, stuff went boom pretty good. And some of the lines were okay. It had that overall pace that somehow had me not thinking about how supremely fucking retarded some of the events unfolded on screen were.

    One thing I couldn't help but notice was that Bale was fucking uniformly TERRIBLE. It's a combo of script, director and actor in this instance, I think. He has obviously no real regard for the previous incarnations of Connor and how that might influence his version (though, to be honest, John Connor has always been an annoying prick) but it seems like they decided to neatly sidestep how the whiny bitchfuck John Connor became the military leader type John Connor, which was probably one of the more compelling things that we could find out about the character.

    So yeah, other than that some of the PG13 cuts were painfully obvious and where the hell was that underwater chain gun terminator I remember seeing early in production? I think an unrated DVD will be more fun, but ultimately it can't rescue the really poor script or the really dumb bits (and boy were there a lot of dumb bits: usb ports on motorbikes, getting punched in the face by a terminator doesn't apparently hurt much, setting off a nuke 2ft above ground zero, ipod white shodan like control room for skynet the list goes on...).