Ghostbusters Multiplayer Skipped PC to Make Console Versions 'The Best That They Could Be'

By Chris Faylor, Jun 17, 2009 1:30pm PDT The decision to exclude multiplayer support from the PC version of Ghostbusters was a result of lacking resources and a desire to make the console editions "the best that they could be," Dan Irish--CEO of multiplayer developer Threewave--has explained.

"Multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is something that Threewave and [single-player developer] Terminal Reality always wanted to do," he told Big Download.

"When we looked at the resources necessary to pull off multiplayer on the consoles and the PC, it became a question of what could we do and still be excellent in our execution," Irish added. "Our focus was on making the console version the best that they could be."

Only the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Ghostbusters, which arrived in North American this week, sport online multiplayer, though the PC version is half their price. A separate developer, Red Fly, handled the PlayStation 2, Wii and Nintendo DS editions.

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  • FWIW, I was going to buy Ghostbusters on PC then found out about the missing multiplayer and decided to skip the game altogether. I could get it on Xbox, but I stopped buying games for that console once I upgraded to a really beefy gaming rig for 2009.

    I love the Ghostbusters, but I only have so much gaming time and there will be other games to play. I'll go out and spend $50+ on a game that isn't missing content that is included in the console iterations, but I'm not interested in paying half-price for a gutted version, I'd rather just buy some other game that doesn't have this problem.