Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 16, 2009 7:00am PDT

From the news item directly below this, I can deduce today is Tuesday. Ah hah! Summer might appear to have arrived in jolly old Blighty at long last, though I shouldn't get too cocky and rush out to enjoy it as the threat of rain always lingers. If only parasol and umbrella could somehow be combined into a single convenient shielding accessory.

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  • So, we have been having some bad storms as of late. Yesterday evening, there were MASSIVE storms all over our humble state. And tonight was no different. As I was driving home with Stalewood and little Rosewood 1 & 2, there were quite the impressive clouds brewing. I, of course, stopped and took some pictures. After I got back in the car, however, I got to thinking (always a dangerous pastime, I know). As I was thinking about all the clouds, and all the amazing things that mother nature does, I had and epiphany. I came to the strong and true conclusion that I Love The Cock.