EA: Mirror's Edge 2 In Development

By Nick Breckon, Jun 12, 2009 11:53am PDT Following word from EA CEO John Riccitiello that the Mirror's Edge franchise will continue, Electronic Arts has confirmed that a small team is now at work on the sequel.

"You will see another Mirror's Edge for sure," said EA Europe VP Patrick Soderlund to Videogamer. "It's just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I'm excited about what we do."

Originally planned as a trilogy of games, the franchise's sequel potential was called into question after the disappointing debut of Mirror's Edge last November.

DICE's parkour-inspired, first-person action title was released during the crowded holiday season to lukewarm reviews and slow sales. The title went on to eventually pass the 1 million mark, despite DICE's sales target of over 3 million units.

"The game wasn't perfect by any means," said Soderlund. "We would have liked the game to sell better even though the game has sold better than most people think."

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  • I hated this at first but after getting a feel for the mechanics I LOVED it. (ps3 version) Loved the art direction, music and voice acting too. The story needed some work but... but it was a solid experience and something unique. Gamers that whine about the "same old thing" in the FPS genre should embrace this game and give productive feedback to Dice so more games like this can succeed in the future.

    One other thing: If they had structured the training levels like Valve did in Portal I think the game would have been much less frustrating in those early crucial levels.