Zeno Clash Likely Headed to Xbox 360

Independent developer ACE Team has revealed that it is in discussions to bring its fantastical first-person shooter-brawler hybrid Zeno Clash (PC) to the Xbox 360. nope "We've been having conversations about a possible XBLA version of the game and we're currently talking with a publisher, but we still haven't closed that yet," studio co-founder Carlos Bordeu told Eurogamer. "But it's something we'd really like to do."

Bordeu noted that a console edition could feature "a little bit of extra content," adding that the Xbox 360 was chosen because of its compatibility with the Valve-developed Source engine that powers Zeno Clash. Alongside the possible XBLA release, the team is also working on more Zeno Clash PC DLC and a "more brutal and engaging" sequel.