Three Duke Nukem Games Headed to iPhone

By Nick Breckon, Jun 08, 2009 2:32pm PDT In marking today's release of Prey Invasion for the iPhone, 3D Realms' Scott Miller tells Shacknews that beleaguered videogame hero Duke Nukem will also soon make an appearance on the platform.

"We have several more iPhone games on the way, including three unannounced Duke Nukem games," said Miller.

Prey Invasion
Prey Invasion, developed by MachineWorks Northwest, offers several hours of original touch-based shooting for $2.99. The game offers control bars for FPS-style movement, as well as a TapShoot option for more simplified shooting.

The iPhone isn't the only handheld platform Duke is jumping to following the cancellation of Duke Nukem Forever. The planned Duke Nukem Trilogy of Nintendo DS and PSP games--in development by Frontline Games--has been unaffected by 3D Realms' financial and legal woes. The first installment of the series is expected this fall.

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  • Duke Nukem FORIPHONE! not quite FOREVER... meh..

    But three UNANNOUNCED Duke Titles? So he's suggesting its NOT the new Trilogy..and its NOT the previous Duke off shoots that were released in the past. Three NEW Duke titles? Lets see..what 3 Duke titles would work on a touchscreen device...
    1) Duke Nukem Foreplay - Duke touches strippers like the sound game Simon
    2) Duke Nukem Facilities - Duke has to tap on toilets to flush them after aliens are done using them.
    3) Duke Naps Frequently - Tap to wake Duke up?

    Blargh, DNF WIP - leak already!