Heavy Rain Trailer Drizzles Misery

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 02, 2009 5:13pm PDT With a serial killer on the loose and no end of hostile faces and hopeless situations in sight, it's no wonder Heavy Rain's trailer is a little under the weather.

Coming from Indigo Prophecy developer Quantic Dream, PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain has yet to receive the sunny interval of a release date beyond a vague 2010.

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  • i wanna play this. check out some of the extended vids on gametrailers... yeah its gameplay alternates between alot of cutscenes, some investigating and alot of QTE, but i dont care. its different and for some reason looks fun to me. can't always play shooters! at least someone is trying to make a cinematic adventure game.

    in some ways this is fundamentally what full throttle was, a cinematic adventure game. alot of cutscenes, alot of clicking on things in the world, and probably too short. full throttle had more style. i'm starting to think that this genre of game is not inherently bad, but maybe someone could do good things with it if the stars aligned.