Sony Reveals New Motion Tracking PS3 Controller with 'True 1:1 Tracking'

PlayStation 3 maker Sony has just unveiled a new motion-sensitive controller for the console. Used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera, the device offers "true 1:1 tracking" and "true 3D pointing."

By moving the wand-like controller and its glowing top forward, back, left and right, the demonstrator was able to walk around a room in first-person, aim, and shoot. Another demonstration showed the precision of the device with handwriting and painting.

There's an analog trigger on the controller as well, demonstrated with a spray paint application. Yet another demonstration saw the player dual wielding two controllers to control a shield and sword, with each offering 1:1 motion.

Perhaps most impressive was the bow and arrow demo, which saw the player motion behind his back to pull out a virtual arrow, with the devices' position used to aim and calculate accurate (virtual) tension in pulling back and firing arrows.

Dubbed PlayStation Motion Controller by Sony CEO Jack Tretton, the device is due out in spring 2010, with more information promised to be coming as that time approaches.