Singularity Trailer: Time on Your Hands

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 01, 2009 6:48pm PDT Raven's E3 offering for first-person shooter Singularity teases the backstory a little and demonstrates just how handy--not to mention very cool--it can be to have on hand a gauntlet which grants mastery over time and physics, both as a tool and a weapon.

Publisher Activision has slated Singularity for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall.

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  • I thought Raven Disappeared or had all of their rights sold out to Electronic Arts/Activision/Looking glass..

    is still making games.. today..
    Raven helped Quake4, Xmen: Origins of Wolverine and numerous other brilliant titles be.. which they are also helping the new Wolfenstien

    anyone who played the old PC version of Return to Castle Wolfenstien knew that the game was far
    better then any Call of Duty.. i think anyways..
    which the Return to Castle Wolfenstien single player was kinda lacking in depth part was from graphics and conventional processing power back then, which you look at games from yesterday and they all look cheap.. but now.. the new Wolfienstien looks unbelievable..
    Last year i saw a video for Singularity, it wasn't like this with game play videos.. Looked more like Gears of War, but this seems to have a very Bioshock/Half life appearance to it.. but then it was only a CGI reel and not a in game movie

    Based in between the 1950s between/to present day, as the webpage says, kinda makes me wonder to how this game is going to play out once released.. The story has a time relevance with it that basically stands for what would have happen if the Nazis won the world war II..

    The singularity page keeps a lot of details to what will revolve in the game unrelieved, but has a very detailed backstory and overview of what to expect in this.. intresting looking First person shooter.. Which seems to have a twisting and turning plot of American history.. as of like games Fallout3, Damnation, but if a Time machine plays a role in the game.. That leaves the possibilities endless..