Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Game Digital Distribution, Launches August

By Nick Breckon, Jun 01, 2009 12:43pm PDT Microsoft today announced that Xbox 360 titles will soon be available to purchase and download.

"We're launching full retail games on demand [this year]," said Microsoft general manager Mark Whitten. "We'll be launching this in August with a portfolio of about 30 titles. We'll be launching new titles every week."

Mass Effect, BioShock, Assassin's Creed, Oblivion and Call of Duty 2, Civilization Revolution, DiRT and Rainbow Six 2 are all titles that were confirmed for a digital release by way of a demonstration of the on-demand interface. The interface resembles the Xbox Originals store.

"You'll see these priced just like retail," said Whitten, who did not clarify whether there are plans for new releases to launch on the service alongside disc-based versions.

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  • Ok I finally realized the advantage. It's like the tivo. I love being able to watch a lot of stuff, movies and otherwise without even getting up. It sounds lazy but it's true. It's nice to be able to switch games on a console without getting up. It keeps things moving.

    The disadvantage? Sometimes when I think about what game to play I only look at what is on the game rack. I often forget about my downloaded titles. For me my solution will probably be printing off little pictures of the stuff I have and putting them in a little picture binder. HAHAHHA. Or simpler, I could just take a picture on my iphone and put it in a specific category. Hmnn, I should do that with all my movies and table top games too...