Lionhead Details Xbox 360's Virtual Child Milo

By Chris Faylor, Jun 01, 2009 12:16pm PDT Showcasing the capabilities of the new Xbox 360 Project Natal camera controller, which includes voice and motion-recognition functionality, Fable 2 developer Lionhead Studios showed a video demonstrating a virtual child called Milo.

Able to recognize facial expressions and vocal emotions, Milo chatted with real-life demonstrator Claire. Milo also threw her a pair of goggles (which she automatically grabbed for and then "put on"). Later, Milo grabbed a piece of paper that Claire held in front of the camera for a mere instant.

Another aspect saw Claire splashing around virtual water in real-time.

Studio founder Peter Molyneux boasted that these were concepts even science fiction writers haven't been able to dream up, and that the technology is here, now.

That software will be shown behind closed doors this week.

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  • None of us know what proportion of the demo was faked. We are all guessing based on some formula combining our mistrust/faith in Molyneux, our hope/cynicism of the new technology. Till we hear what the select audience has to say on thier experience of Milo then we are just going speculate aimlessly how real it is.

    Personally its more exciting how the girl interacted with Milo/the software rather than how smart Milo is or not.

    On a basic level: Facial recogition, emotion recognition, voice recogition, gesture recognition. The benefits to gaming can possibly be immense.

    No matter how real it was. It's definatly a step forward, that alone is always worth a nod of respect from me.